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Refinancing Your Current Home

Like everything else, we try and make the process of refinancing your current home as simple and fast as possible. Below is a list of the 7 simple steps you need to complete in order to refinance your home. Click on each step to get a bit more information about each one. 

First, we’ll get you on the phone with one of our licensed loan officers. They’ll ask you some basic questions to find out more about your refinancing needs. 

At this point in the process, we’ll collect your property details, run your credit, and verify your income and assets. Investing a little more time up front will save you time throughout the process and allow your loan to move from start to finish faster.

At this point, you’ll review your refinance options and choose the best one for you. As always, your loan officer will be just a phone call away if you need help.


We will generate you a personalized to-do list of all the remaining documents we’ll need from you.

Sit tight as we perform rigorous checks to ensure you’re getting the best loan possible. Throughout the processing phase, we will keep you updated on your loan in real time. We’ll keep you up to date on where your loan is in the process every step of the way.


There will be an estimated closing date on your closing documents so you can review them at your convenience. Once the final papers are signed, you’ll have completed your home loan refinance! If you or anyone you know needs a mortgage lender in the future, give us a call!


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